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This REALLY Happened!

If I have just one more day to live, and that was all, I would post this before my expiration. [I got this view of life at about age 49]...

I happen to have a daughter who of recent is 18. When she was 12, her father and I having been divorced, and she went to live with him voluntarily at the point I married a second time. I wish I had'nt made that move. Can't get into it now; but I tried so very hard to hold onto that little girl, but this little girl went to live with her daddy. There, she began to get in with a crazy crowd.

About 4 yr into this scene, she well got in with the gothics now, & been to town with about every drug, and did about everything a kid could try, but did it alot. [All the while, Mommy felt as if she could not live one more day. I felt as if I were dieing with my little girl & perhaps daddy did too ] Then one day, her little head got so messed up, as many, many children's heads get these days, & she took a car; it was her big sister's car. She got into the car [intoxicated] and drove off. She thought she was going to Florida [that's a long way from her house]. But she didn't know the way. She got as far as a few miles, when she saw ahead a farmer on his tractor, and she swerved to keep from hurting him; quickly heading off the road; speed 110; twisted, turned, and tumbled, thereby skimming the tops off of two young trees, forming the vehicle into a BALL.

Was this the day, she should face her destruction? How much can one do before life self-destructs?/As the "hurst" turned and tumbled, a cry came out;" Dear GOD, please, don't let me die"

By all logic, it should not have happened the way it did. Without death. Without serious injury.

At that time, I lived 2,500 miles away. But that day, I happened to be there. I believe in providence. .. how can one girl live thru so much?


That was July. In Dec. that little 16 yr old girl came to live with me ! It happened by a miracle. And that will be my next post.

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