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This is My View (written by my daughter)

It was the 24th of July I was 15 years old and partying at a friends House. My life had already had many "ruff" ups and downs, situations i got myself into, and repressed feelings about God, Who was He? Why was he so AMAZING? How come there's SO much PAIN in the WORLD? I hated God, and publically expressed it. In all the problems a normal teenager can have I acted out in a loud manner and frequently. I loved grasping peoples attention it pleased my selfishness. As i was young and foolish at mind i carried on different plans and executed them into action. you may be asking yourself, wow, she must have been pretty bad...Yes, I was, I was rebellious and always had somthing up my sleeve. Proverbs 4:23 and says Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. - this gripps me now to the soul I want to be diligent. But the Story on, As it seemed only a second as i acted in my impjulse to get what it was i wanted i devised a trip to Flordia, It took only a second for me to decide this.. FOOLISH I KNOW. Flordia was where my BF was at the time, I had allready planned my life out with him and wanted to get married. I grabbed some of the loose cloths at my friends house, stole a cell phone, cigarettes , and made sure i had some alcohol. I put em' in my sisters car and took off... I didn't know how i was going to get there but i was determined to get there. with my hand on the wheel and my newly snatched [stolen]cell phone in my clutch I attempted to call to Flordia, the phone rang a couple times then I heard, "unable to direct your call, try again later" So I tried over and over again to reach my BF. It didn't work for some reason... to me at the time it was unknown , looking back it had no minutes... but I persisted and kept going. There was a battle going on in my thoughts, one side said, " When you get to that corner just go left" ok, i thought, but the other vioce said,"Go home and talk to your dad! tell him how you feel, He wants to see you! go home!! The warning was sooo loud but I was stubborn , You think mules r stubborn, I think humans r more stubborn. I kept going... my thoughts were," I'll be happier in Flordia with my BF." I kept calling and got the same message again.In my distress I sped up, taking on the same spirit my friends did, except wanting to go faster. I remembered a time inparticular when one of my past freinds maxed 100 m\hr.So I went past 90 and and then past my goal of 100 then reached 102. I wasn't satified yet. With all pomp I pictured Laura being the talk of the Town, " Laura dragged 120!" My imagination was running and I felt no reason to stop... I put the metal to the Floor and kept upping my speed, now I was at 105, I had to graduate to top speed! So I kept going mmmmmmmmmm (motor), "only 15 more miles and hour" I thought to myself... ok here goes nothing," 15 more 15 more" ... hold on i have to say something about this this girl"...WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, WHAT YOUR DOING IS SUICIDE! as I sped along the country block I kept redialing FL, still it was unable to transfer my call, As i took my eyes off the road to redial, instantley as i were a millionth of a second ... I saw I was on the other side of the raod ... and there a small set of headlights flickering my way... What was i going to do!? I WAS HEADED in the WRONG direction!? This kind of stuff never happened TO ME?!?!? I knew i was going to fast to be able to swerve back the other direction! Instantly I crancked my wheel! BAM! ... A blur of fast moving rows of corn and trees rushed past my eyes and I knew I was headed for the worst. There was no TURNING BACK!.. NO TURNING BACK>>>> There are tears in my eyes right now becasue I know this thought was a thought that was infinite. I was afraid to die, what was death? was I going to live? Will i be paralyzed? will life be the same? Will i go to heavan will i go to hell? Instantly I clasped each oppisite shoulder and cried out !......... GOD - PLEASE - DON'T- LET- ME- DIE ! That was it... He was My only HOPE! Nothing else mattered, those thoughts were garbage in a vast of black darkness. God was "IT"! As the nose of my sisters car dug deep in the dirt ready to take a turn and fip for the Worst.Sweet pictures of my family shot back to my mind , as if a slow pace movie was playing in my head ... MY FAMILY..."God ! , my family"... The people i care about there lives would be torn up if I died..... ).= They would miss me! Why did i do this ? ... I'm going to die and Kill my family at the same time... I hit my head and i was out .... as it was minutes later i heard two worried voices, theres something on fire... it was a man and his wife, get her out she replyed... my reply came, "uuuuuuuhhhhg...." i didn't feel good ... i felt like i needed to stay still and sleep far a long time ... the couple said ,"try to stay awake now, ok?" ... they kept rubbing my chest ... ,"NO," i said I didn't want to be bothered... that lady had such a sweet heart ... "keep your eyes open" she declared ... I couldn't; I fell back to sleep ( or unconciouness ) my heavy lids fell like iron and covered me with black silence once again... I STAYED UNCONCIOUS AND WAS AIR LIFTED TO THE HOSPITAL WHERE I WAS IN AND OUT OF CONCIOUSNESS TILL 11:00 THAT NIGHT... I am writting you this experiance not to gloat about my past , but to show you how GOD Saved! "When i called out to GOD HE heard me"... He knew one day I was going to give my life to him... But i hadn't yet. Even after this experiance. i pushed the Lord away and said it was a coincidence ... I was truely wrong... while i thought this was luck i hadn't noticed the convienence of my mothers visit that month, God sent her there for me. At my bedside when i came in and out of consiencness she was crying loudly in prayer to the Lord for my deliverance. the next morning when i came to, My mother was there to help me in any way i needed, it was like a sunshine beaming in my room that day with her help and support she lended.I felt so loved and cared for. She told me what happened because I had forgotten. FOLKS... My mother told me that i was speeding at 110 m/hr with my seatbelt "on." I was also in so much pain physically that i asked if i had broke anything. She said NO, Laura you didn't; I was shocked. All I had was a MILD CONCUSSION, A SWOLLEN BEAT UP ARM, WHIP LASH, and a very small scratch on my cheek... OOOh what a merciful God ... He was with me in the pain, and delivered me.As i slowly sat up for a bite to eat I became annoyed with the neck brace on me! I did not know it at the time, but God, from the day i was born, blessed me with the kind of personality no one else could have "except" Laura.